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Here’s What To Say When The Interviewer Asks, “Do You Have Any Questions For Me?

Many people in business--including and especially entrepreneurs--seem to think that you can talk your way into being both well-liked and more successful. Nothing could be further from the truth.

During A Job Interview, Be Mindful Of The People You Are Talking To

Whenever I am invited to a job interview, I treat it very seriously and prepare accordingly. I always refresh myself on the proper interview procedure. Prior to the interview, I research the company and the position I am applying for.

Five Business Development Basics for Associates

Here’s the basic outline of an associate marketing program — the five basic steps that will help build a sizable network of relationships, and a personal brand for something that clients will want to hire you to do.

Career Planning For Associates

Developing success as an associate means picking an area of practice and pursuing it with vigor.

ABCs of Marketing and Business Development

Most lawyers make marketing and business development more complicated than needed. Developing new business — and keeping clients — isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s as simple as ABC.

6 Tips for Improving Your Chambers Submissions in 2017

Firms who are consistently ranked in Chambers know that preparation for submission season takes all year long. Getting to this stage of preparation may require an investment of some time and energy, but it yields the benefit of a more orderly, less stressful process when deadlines loom

Advantages of a Shared Office Space Just For Lawyers

The barrier to entry for starting your own practice is low.

Must-have Tools for Running a Virtual Law Firm

Legal Productivity has rounded up some of the must-have tools to run a virtual law firm.

Where Will the Legal Jobs Be in 2026?

By 2026, we should be coming to the end of an extraordinary period in the law: several years of a continuously shrinking legal profession. The overall number of lawyers is going to decline for two main reasons

Five Ways To Revamp Your Pathetic Follow-Up Emails

Here are five pointers on following up effectively.

The Coming Changes in How Lawyers Practice Law

In this century we have seen dramatic changes in the legal market. From a period of plenty, we moved to one of seeming scarcity. Many commentators suggest that the legal market has been, is being, or will be disrupted

5 People You Can Expect to Find on the Way to Success

Here are five personality types you will meet on your road to business success.

Score an Interview by Using Keywords in Your Resume

What exactly is considered a keyword? How do I find them? And how do I know if I'm using the right ones?

Do Managers and Leaders Really Do Different Things?

This is a conundrum that many of us describe, but is it real? Are leadership and management fundamentally different roles in practice? Or do they simply require us to focus on different things?

Successful Decision-Makers Are Slow and Uncertain

While we usually assume people who are confident and able to make quick decisions are effective decision-makers, the opposite may be truer.

Here are some tips to help you network

Tips that don't require you to collect every business card or attend every cocktail party.

3 Phrases Associates Should Avoid

Anyone who has worked in a law firm knows that associates are sometimes presented with questions that demand an immediate response.

How to Improve SEO for Your Attorney Bio

With a better-optimized bio, potential clients can more easily find your page through a search engine, social media, or blogs and articles. Here are a few ways to boost your bio’s performance.

Why Lawyers Make Good Early-Stage Startup Hires

Lawyers can add value in the obvious ways, helping to avoid early mistakes like issuing stock too late in the game, when the company has grown in value and the employees can no longer take advantage of favorable tax treatment. But more importantly, a lawyer on the early team can contribute to a thri

10 Traits that Lawyers and Salespeople Have in Common

So often do people who excel at critical thinking, debating, and logical reasoning believe that their calling in life is to be a lawyer.

How to say Goodbye to Your BigLaw Salary

It’s all about the mindset. You might not love the work you do as a lawyer, but imagine for a moment that you were fully able to control your hours. You could come and go as you please and have complete control of how much work you did and when you did it. This would allow you to hit the gym wh

Special Report: Millennials in Big Law

Millennial adults, ages 18 to 35, are now the largest group in the workforce. In Big Law, they’ve flooded into the associate ranks and are now starting to become your partners.

Relationship Management: Automating The Law Firm Client Intake Process

Managing your client intake properly can help your firm in a variety of ways. Client intake often comes down to a simple sheet of paper that gets passed around the office indiscriminately. This is where new leads, client information, and details can sometimes get lost before the casework even begins

The State of Women in Law

The issues faced by women in the legal profession are still in dire need of continued conversation.

11 free online courses you should take to be more successful in your career

Whether you're just stepping out of your cap and gown or your college graduation is a distant memory, it's never too late to learn something new.

7 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Is One Of The Fastest-Growing Job Skills

The awareness that emotional intelligence is an important job skill, in some cases even surpassing technical ability, has been growing in recent years.

7 Questions to Ask At the End of a Job Interview

You're in the hot seat as the interviewer turns the tables and asks one final question: “So do you have any questions for me?”